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Quality Management

Software lies at the heart of almost every business process. Everything from how an organisation communicates internally and externally, to the way it delivers products and services.

Our quality management system (EQMS) that optimizes quality, ensures compliance and reduces costs and risk for world-class clients across a range of regulated industries. With our enterprise quality management system that offers the flexibility and configurability to adapt to company-specific business processes, enabling our world-class clients across a range of industries to define, track, manage and report on the core activities and processes vital to their success.

Independent QA Department

WSPL QA department is an independent structural subdivision. Our QA team consists of skilled QA engineers and experienced testers that are involved into the projects on a dedicated or as-needed basis. QA engineers’ allocation depends on the project size and complexity. If it is required they can be easily transfered from one project to another. Such flexibility allows optimizing project efforts and correspondingly the overall project budget. Since the QA team is not accountable to the project manager, their work is not biased by the development team.

We take a holistic approach to Quality Assurance and Testing (QA & T) by examining the impacts on the quality and success of your implementation – estimations, tools and methods used, schedule pressure, requirement changes, inadequate metrics, inadequate release and configuration management process.

Quality Management Key Process

We carefully study each customer case to understand the client’s needs and objectives and deliver a reliable and efficient solution. We present all available options and provide a competent advice to guide clients to informed business decisions.

Manage all quality processes in a centralized database
Enable streamline workflow processes
Strong documentations and Code Reviews
Leverage powerful status reports and metrics using the integrated QM system.
Record and configuration level audit trail
Complete BUG tracking
Total QM Process Monitoring
Upgrade seamlessly and cost effectively
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